Urosciences is engaged in new developments and research in both the field of urology and urodynamics. An example is the Flow-Clean,  an innovative flushable ceramic Uroflow System. It offers a natural solution for hygienic and time-saving uroflow measurements. The Flow-Clean has been developed in cooperation with the leading University of Wageningen and is produced in the Netherlands. The Flow-Clean meets a large need in urology departments within hospitals. It is now sold to a lot of hospitals via distributors in various European countries.

Dr. Bas Sebregts - Urologist Laurentius Hospital Roermond The Netherlands

"Patients respond that they find it more comfortable and hygienic"

"It just makes it all feel a little less medical"

"The use of such a Flow-Clean Uroflow toilet is more pleasant for patients and nurses"

"The efficiency of our department has improved"

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